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*Homerun Derby Analysis*

Prince Fielder.jpg

On Tuesday July 13th, 2009, 8 sluggers battled it out for the chance to be named the 2009 Home Run Derby Champion. Many people of St. Louis believed it would be their hometown hero Albert Pujols of the St. Louis Cardinals, but he barely managed to advance to the second round, forced to a swing-off between him, Carlos Pena of the Rays, and Joe Mauer of the Twins. Albert was able to come out victorious in the swing-off after Pena only hit 1 and Mauer, zero. 

In the second round, Pujols would have to face Ryan Howard, Nelson Cruz, and Prince Fielder. Pujols and Howard were eliminated, which left Fielder and Cruz in the finals.

I was rooting for Cruz because he was my second choice after Mauer, and I think that he was the underdog at the time. It would have been nice to see Cruz get his name out there as the Home Run King but he still was able to keep it close and put on a show for the fans. Prince walked away with the crown, after hitting 23 homers on the night, and was announced the 2009 Home Run Derby Champion. Congratulations to Prince Fielder; the 2009 Home Run Derby Champion!