About stevg95

Hey everyone, My name is Steve and this year
I’ll be covering the New York Yankees throughout the regular
season, hopefully, the playoffs, and maybe even the world
series. I will also be covering the Midsummer Classic in St.
Louis (2009 All Star Game) and my opinions of players around
the league. I’ve been a diehard Yankee fan my whole life and
have been to the new stadium three times this year. Whenever
I can’t make it to the stadium, I am always watching the
Yankees on TV or listening to them on the radio. This year I
have decided to take and answer questions from fans so if you
would like to submit a question just comment on one of my
posts or send my account (Stevg95) a message. I’ll try to
answer everyone’s questions. Thanks and enjoy the second half
of the 2009 season! ~Steve


Baseball, Football, Writing (Blogging),
Hanging out with friends, Playing the guitar, Having